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The Riddick Universe

It's a big universe, and a lot of places get casual mentions in the various documentation. This page attempts to list and describe them. Spoilers here.

Aquila Major
A planet of fierce warriors conquered by the Necromongers at the beginning of RIDDICK.

Butcher Bay Correctional Facility
One of the prisons Riddick was in prior to PITCH BLACK, and is the setting for the ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY game. Has Maximum Security (MaxSec), Double-Max, and Triple-Max sections.

Conga System
Johns mentions catching 'swamp-flu from the Conga system' in the script, when Paris notices him stumble (due to the drugs).

This planet is the location of the subterranean slam where Riddick and Kyra (Jack from PITCH BLACK) first meet up.

Helion Prime
A planet that is home to a multi-cultural society and serves as the capital and power center of the Helion system. The planet is decimated by a Necromonger invasion in RIDDICK.

Hubble Bay Penal Facility
One of the prisons Riddick was in prior to PITCH BLACK.

The M-344/G system
Generally bypassed by deep-space travellers, according to, although the Hunter-Gratzner is passing right through the middle of it when it hits the comet tail debris. It is a strange system with complex celestial dynamics which does not lend itself to safe passage. There is a graphic on that shows the three suns (yellow, amber, and blue) actually orbiting at the outside edge of the system. This same graphic shows the ringed world that causes the eclipse to be in the third orbit (and nothing in the first orbit). I gotta check the orrery in PITCH BLACK to find out for sure.

Max-Slam Facility
Maximum security ("max-sec") prisons, where Riddick claims to have spent half his life. Not to be confused with double-max and triple-max, which are way more max than regular old max-sec max.

New Mecca
Where Chrislams make a pilgrimage once in their lifetimes. Also where Riddick considers going after they escape from Planet 2 in PITCH BLACK. On Tangier 5, or is it on Helion Prime?

The Newtonian Institute
A research organization located in the Ursa Luna system. Provided data to the Alliance Shipping Reconaissance group during the investigation into the crash of the Hunter-Gratzner. Also is working on recreating viable predator embryos from DNA recovered from the crash investigation team.

Planet Number Two of the M-344/G system
The location of the events and creatures in PITCH BLACK. No major bodies of water. Max terrain = 220 m over mean surface. Cinder, gypsum, evaporite deposits. 3 suns. Complete solar eclipse every 60 years (script)/22 years (movie). Can get heavy rains.

Planet Number One/Three of the M-344/G system
A huge ringed world that periodically eclipses planet two from M-344/G's three suns. In the graphic on the ringed world is the third world from the center of the system (although they don't show any actual celestial body in the first orbit, heh), while the text formerly on says the ringed world is planet one.

Ribald S Correctional Institute
One of the prisons Riddick was in prior to PITCH BLACK.

Sol-Track Shipping Lanes
Presumed to be high-traffic interstellar travel paths. Sol-Track 17B is where the three survivors in the skiff head after leaving planet two in PITCH BLACK.

Slam City
A MaxSec prison orbiting Ursa Luna that Riddick escaped from prior to PITCH BLACK. Some early material says Slam City was where he got his eyeshine, although this was changed in the BUTCHER BAY game.

Tangiers Penal Colony
One of the prisons Riddick was in prior to PITCH BLACK.

Taurus Three
Original destination of the ship in PITCH BLACK. Paris mentions selling his antiques in the Taurus system.

Suspected origin point of the Necromongers. Also where the Prime Material Plane meets the Negative plane. Also something that Vin Diesel made up that most likely only he understands. The next Chronicles movie will go here.

Ursa Luna
Location of The Newtonian Institute and Slam City. Also origin point of Transport Ship 249, presumably a Merc ship, that delivered Riddick to Slam City prior to him getting the shine job and hijacking another transport ship. Copyright 2003 & 2004 Bruce R. Ladewig
Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick Copyright Universal Pictures