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The Riddick Universe

Here's the scoop...


     June 17th, 2004
This weekend = last chance
If you never read any of the Twohy interviews, then you missed where he said that Universal will decide whether to do the next CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK movie once they see how this first one performs after its first two weekends. That means this coming weekend (which starts on Fridays, for movies) is the last chance for fans to mobilize and get tickets sold. So if you've seen the movie already and liked it, or if you haven't had the chance yet but want to, or if you loved BUTCHER BAY and want to increase the chances of another game being made, or if you want Del Rey to pay someone to write another TCOR book, or if you want a PITCH BLACK DVD that has actual extras relating to the making of PITCH BLACK, whatever your interest in the franchise... this is it. Starting tomorrow, it's the last three days we have to make a difference. Go see the movie. Get your friends to go see the movie. Get your family to go see the movie. Light up every messageboard that you participate on to remind people to go see the movie. Buy or rent DARK FURY. Buy or rent ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY. Get out there.

TCOR Continuity Photos
Thought this was a pretty cool little find. Click this link to see eleven continuity photos from THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. These shots show the actors standing around the sets, mostly, and were used to help keep track of props and stuff in between takes and sequences filmed. Like OMG you can see Vin Diesel! Go now!

Props for auction
If you've managed to save a little bit of cash after buying all this stuff they've been tossing at us for TCOR, then this will probably make you drool uncontrollably... TCOR props on Ebay!. You name it, they have it... Riddicks' backpack and knives, a Necromonger pistol, a Crematoria cell key, blocks of UDs, photos, a complete set of storyboards (OMFG), call sheets, and on and on. There is a ton of stuff. The auctions start closing tomorrow, so as always your best bet is probably to wait until the last minute, heh. Credit goes out to Superchick at AOVD, and also waimeawahine (another super chick) who posted on VX, which is run by Kriszta (yet another super chick).

BUTCHER BAY climbs rental charts
Thumbs up to the Starbreeze, Tigon, VUG, and Uni crew... Just spotted these charts that show that ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY has moven to a better spot in the rental charts, from #8 last week to #4 this week.

New huge DARK FURY character pics
Thanks to Universal Home Video for passing along some really nice, huge resolution images of the main characters from DARK FURY. Click on the DARK FURY media link to check 'em out.

     June 16th, 2004
No Series 2 for figures
While hunting around to find out who exactly will be selling the Necromonger trooper figures (answer: only through SOTA's site & at the San Diego Comic Con whenever the figures come in from China), I spotted the following ominous post from one of the SOTA guys at
Whoever you talked to is incorrect about there being a second series. I'll leave it at that.
This doesn't bode well for the vehicles & ships license SOTA has either. I'll be pretty bummed if I never get a Conquest Icon statue for my desk...

Warning: DARK FURY totally rocks
Look, I'm not an anime guy, and neither am I much into regular animated features, but I enjoyed the hell out of DARK FURY. I can EASILY give it the highest recommendation to fans of this franchise. The voice acting was great, with a special nod to Keith 'MFing' David, and visually it was quite beautiful (especially during the fight with the Shirill). And while I had quibbles with some of the story logic (why would the Mercs care about Riddick's bounty when they all work for Chillingsworth and therefore must know he's destined to be painted blue and put on a pedestal?), the characters were interesting when they needed to be and the action setpieces were way out there. Hell, even the special features were much better than what came on the PITCH BLACK DVD re-release. It's only ten bucks at most places... buy it!

BruceL's TCOR review?
Gotten a handful of emails on this particular topic (which equates to 952% more emails than I usually get, c'mon you people feedback is my only payment), and I just wanted to quickly address it. I'm on the fence about whether I'll do a long, detailed one, which is really what I'd like. My free time is painfully tight so the problem is simply that it's unlikely that I'll ever have the time to do the actual typing.

A short version would praise the visuals, rave about the character of Riddick, and grumble about all the illogical stuff done because it's more cinematic (just like another little movie who's initials are PB...). The latter issues ticked me off quite a bit the first time I saw it, but the second time was great as I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Riddick was the highlight, though. Great character.

Happy Father's Day
Dear readers, try and give your old man at least just this one day off from your teenage crap, okay? :)

     June 15th, 2004
DARK FURY released today
Big day today, as the animated bridge between THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK and PITCH BLACK is released to DVD. This 35 minute film with a story by David Twohy and directed by Peter Chung should be interesting.... it shows what happens when Imam, Jack, and Riddick are captured by a ship owned by a woman who considers murderers to be 'art', and as an added bonus introduces us to Toombs. There are also some nice extras on the making of this and also TCOR. Been seeing good things popping up on forums, so I've got my fingers crossed. VX pointed me towards a pretty positive review up on Coming Soon. Make sure to click the links on the PitcherBlacker left menu to get more goods.

TCOR Soundtrack review & samples
Well, seeing the movie convinced me to buy the soundtrack, but I spotted this review by a writer who apparently doesn't feel the same way. He makes some interesting points so give the article a look, but the most interesting part is the collection of sample tracks, heh. You can also snag a couple samples over on the record label page too. Anyone else think it's funny that at least one track is named after a scene that was cut from the movie?

     June 14th, 2004
Tigon Games interview
Spotted there's an interview up on Gamespot with Cos Lazouras, honcho at Vin's game company Tigon Games and as far as I can tell the only other employee, heh.
The reception to the game has been phenomenal from a consumer, press, and retailer standpoint. Retailers, obviously, got to see earlier versions of the game and they were excited about the ambitiousness of what we were all trying to achieve. Gamers have really embraced the final product and nothing beats reading rave reviews from actual players. Although our expectations were very high from the outset, with all concerned aiming to disprove the adage that movie based games could not be triple A, the final result has even surpassed the bar that was set.

     June 13th, 2004
TCOR Editor on IMDB boards
Assuming that this is legit, one of the movie film editors Tracy Adams hit the IMDB message boards to toss out a quick comment regarding the film. Here's the entire quote.
I would like to say thank you for your comments and open mindedness about The Chronicles of Riddick. I did work on the film as one of the editors. I was on this picture 1 year and will probably be going back for dvd work. I will offer you a little inside info... though probably nothing most movie fans don't already know. A movie this big is very political and the scheduale is always to short! I can assure you we busted our ass, but in truth when I went to the premier and saw the film I wished I had two more monthes to polish. I think everyone who worked on the filnm would say the same thing. But opening dates are opening dates polish be damned and the show must go on blah blah blah. I personly like the movie but may be a bit biased. (har dee har har) To me it's a popcorn movie with a cool edge although it did get a bit waterd down for the kids. To those of you who don't make up your own minds about movies, hey...... go see Garfield. Many thanks

Action figures hit the streets tomorrow
For those of you that don't have to wait four months to get your free ones from The Mercs site like some of us, tomorrow is your day. Make sure to crowd into Toys R Us as soon as they open, boss the staff around, and shove the kids out of the way so you can grab every figure off the shelf. Remember, an unopened box in your mom's basement is better than little Johnny having his very own Riddick doll to dice up Spidey or The Hulk. As always, make sure to call around first before heading to the store.

Weekend box office estimates
Well, looks like the final take is going to be somewhere around $24-$25 million for THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, as the film comes in second behind the latest HARRY POTTER. I'm no expert, but I can't imagine that this is a particularly strong outing for the film. It will be interesting to see what kind of dropoff it has next weekend.