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The Riddick Universe

Whether it's a five hundred pound flying alligator that just chewed up your best friend, or a 22-year-old ship that's going to save your ass... this is the place to learn more. Beware spoilers.

A massive spacecraft that is the focal point of Necromonger society. The ship contains the Necropolis and is used by Lord Marshal.

Conquest Icon
A Necromonger fighter delivery system and weapon platform in the form of a massive humanoid statue. The conquest icons are dropped through the atmosphere and are left behind after the Necros move on to the next system.

Used as statis for long-term travel. Some people don't actually sleep during cryo-sleep if it's cinematically cooler that way.

A race of beings wiped out/assimilated by the Necromongers when they conquered the planet Furya. A prophesy has hinted that "the balance to Necromonger is Furyon." This same prophesy foretold that an infant male Furyan would destroy the Lord Marshall Zhylaw, so he strangled them all... or did he?

Furyans have a hand print on their chest, can pass energy to each other, and have special powers like some of the elder races. There are three Furyans in RIDDICK.

Glow Worms
Found in caves on the surface of planet two. Will luminesce for a very long time after being exposed to light. The predators avoid the light of the glow worms.

The small bat-like creatures that kill Shazza and Ali.

Huge hyena-like creatures used to control the prisoners in the Crematoria slam.

A combined freighter-passenger deep space vehicle owned by the New Oslo Shipping Corp. Ground Collision Alarm will activate at 60 meters. Ship activates gravity when still 3 weeks from destination. Holds at least 50 passenger cryo-lockers. Ship is built in six sections that can be separated out: front main cabin (incl.nav bay and flight deck), passenger/crew cryolocker cabin, 3 cargo containers, and deep-space drives. Iris-like doors operate with what appear to be pneumatic twist handles.

Hunter/Gratzner Company: Designed & storyboarded spaceship sequence, designed the spaceship, fabricated 1:36 scale spaceship, three 1:6 scale oversized, effects spaceship sections, and 1:6 scale Interior Cargo Cryo Locker Set Ian Hunter and Matthew Gratzner, Miniature Effects Supervisors. Particlebox company: The ship model was 1:36 scale (approx. 9 feet long) and the oversized sections were 1:6 scale. Powered by multiple 20 gig power cells.

Lensing Necromongers
Troops that have been damaged but are still salvagable can be turned into lensors. These creatures function both as weapons and highly sensitive tracking devices, typically used to locate survivors to be taken back for conversion. They are accompanied by a handler who manages the lensor's control box.

The faith of the Necromongers.

One of the elder races, called "The Hood of the Devil", "The Great Silence", or "the End" since they are prone to showing up on a given planet and decimating it, leaving behind only immense statues to brood over the resulting silence.

O2 breathers
The atmosphere on Planet 2 was thin, so the crash survivors took liquid 02 bottles and fashioned on-demand breathing systems so they could take 'sips' of air.

The model found in the settlement in Pitch Black that shows the movement of the system's suns and planets.

Nocturnal mammals found on planet 2. Cannibalistic, and communicate and navigate using a form of sonar. Vertebrates. Blue blood.

Power cells
The Hunter/Gratnzer is powered by multiple 25 kilogram, 20 'gig' power cells. The escape skiff needed 5 to be fully operational, and they had to be slightly modified in the script to work on the skiff's older electrical system.

Solar-powered, four-wheeled desert vehicle. Open top, for the most part constructed of steel tubes and wire mesh. Heavy-duty cable winch located front/center.

Skeleton creatures
Baleen-like combs in the skull. Sinuses. Tall dorsal bones. Rounded rib cages. Probably the whales seen in early concept art.

A small ship used to shuttle between the surface and orbit. Also can be used as a ground vehicle. 90 gigs of power required. Wings covered with a cloth-like material called Vectran, and will burn away when passing through atmosphere.

Tribal weapons
Marantha crow-bill war picks from Northern India, blow dart from New Guinea.

A space, atmosphere, and underwater craft that can hold at least six people and has the ability to burrow underground.

Mentioned in the script during the scene where Paris is killed. A youngling is riding on it's mother's back, who takes it and eats it when she can't get at Paris' body because of the other predators already feeding on it. Copyright 2003 & 2004 Bruce R. Ladewig
Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick Copyright Universal Pictures

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